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Kiri Gothic

Kiri Gothic (Kirigo) is a font family derived from Source Han Sans, an open source font family from Adobe. Differences between Kiri Gothic and its original Source Han Sans JP are as follows:

Because every modification has been applied to source code and I build it using Adobe's tool (AFDKO), the quality and features are basically as the same as the Source Han Sans family, except the changes mentioned above. Hinting, IVS, GPOS and GSUB data have been inherited from Source Han Sans.


The following fonts are provided under SIL Open Font License 1.1, following Source Han Sans.

In italic versions, only characters whose code points are up to U+017F and whose glyphs are included in Adobe-Japan1-7 Collection are shown in italic. Italics of other letters, such as Greek, Cyrillic characters, are not supported.
Both roman and italic versions share the same glyph set. When you use any of Kiri Gothic with an application that supports the "ital" feature of OpenType (such as InDesign), you need not to download an italic version separately.

Glyphs for Western Letters

Glyphs for Western letters included in Source Han Sans (SHS) are based on Source Sans Pro (SSP), another open source font family from Adobe. SSP includes many characters that are not supported by SHS. To bring in part of them into Kiri Gothic, in Kiri Gothic version 2.100 and later, glyphs for Western letters such as the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters and IPA symbols have been replaced with ones that have been generated directly from the source code of the variable font version of SSP.

Because both the glyphs for Western letters in Kiri Gothic and the ones in SHS came from the same glyph outline data, they have fundamentally the same shapes. But it does not have been open to the public how Adobe converted glyphs of SSP to the ones included in SHS.

Consequently, for Western letters, every glyph in Kirigo does not have necessarily the same outlines as the one in SHS. Some glyphs in Kiri Gothic may be the same as the ones in SHS to such an extent that both glyphs have the same outline data, whereas some in Kiri Gothic may have a shape being slightly different from the one in SHS.

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